Behind the Fence

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Mar 29

Behind the Fence 12min

Za Plotem


Time of childhood, vacation, and hot summer. Do you remember the feeling when the indefinite number of things to discover, stories to explore, matters to think over made each day seem to last forever? Watching “Behind the Fence” one may discover again these happy moments of childhood.

12’; 2005

Directing: Marcin Sauter
Photography: Dawid Sokołowski

Editing: Artur Owczarek

Sound: Tomek Wieczorek

Cracow Film Festival, Poland 2005 - The Best Photography Award

Cinema du Reel, Paris, France 2005 - Grand Prix in a short film category

Short Ends Film Festival, Great Britain 2005 - Grand Prix

Krakffa, Cracow, Poland 2005 - First Prize for the Best Student Film and OFFSCAR for The Best Director

OFF Cinema, Poznań, Poland 2005 - The Brown Castle Prize

KAN, Amateur and Independent Cinema Festival Wrocław, Poland 2005 – The Bronze KANewka
Vilnius Shorts, Lithuania 2006 – Grand Prix for the Best Documentary
New York Polish Film Festival, USA 2007 - Special Mention

15. "Film Summer" Film and Art Festival, Warsaw, Poland 2009
Aye Aye Film Festival, Nancy, France 2009

20 mim|max Short Film Festival, Ingolstadt, Germany 2010

Festival of European Art and Artistic Schools CIRCLES OF ART, Cieszyn, Poland 2010

Summer Film Capital 2010, Warsaw, Poland