Strange Heaven


Apr 05


Strange Heaven 108min

Obce Niebo


Basia and Marek have been on the run their whole lives. Along with their nine-year-old daughter Ula, they experience what it’s like to be an immigrant in Sweden. When a Swedish social worker visits their home, she witnesses Ula’s everyday reality, as seen from the perspective of the local culture. Ula is then taken away from her parents and placed in foster care. Will Basia and Marek stick together and fight for Ula? Will they succeed in rebuilding their bond and their family?

Dariusz Gajewski
Agnieszka Grochowska (In Darkness, Walesa. Man of Hope),
Bartłomiej Topa (Traffic Department, The Dark House),
Ewa Fröling (Fanny a nd Alexander, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo),
Tanja Lorentzon 
Gerhard Hoberstorfer
PRODUCTION: Poland, Sweden | 2015
LANGUAGES: English, Polish, Swedish
GENRE: social/psychological thriller/drama

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